Monitoring & Evaluation for Learning (Blended Learning), 11 – 14 June, Bangkok, Thailand


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MDF Training and Consultancy
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Ms Thuy Nguyen
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+84 (0)24 6258 4438
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February 13, 2019

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Monitoring & Evaluation for Learning (Blended Learning), 11 – 14 June, Bangkok, Thailand
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Why this course  Capturing the quantitative and qualitative changes of your programme has become increasingly important. How to design an M&E system that goes beyond tracking activities? Learn how to show results and make sure your system also enables genuine learning by all actors.   What is blended learning? Four weeks before the face-to-face training starts, course participants access the online learning platform remotely. The platform provides participant’s information and preparation materials to engage in discussions and prepare for the course. This takes about 2-4 hours per week. Subsequently, the 4 training days are face-to-face and provides you with an extended set of relevant, practical and participatory M&E methodologies and tools to boost your programme and organisational accountability, decision-making and learning practices.   Course objectives  By the end of this course, you will:
  • Understand effective results-based M&E and how to apply it to your M&E framework
  • Know how to turn M&E into a participative and systematic learning practice
  • Be able to design and use key performance indicators and apply tools to monitor context
  • Be able to apply the core steps of qualitative evaluation methodologies
  • Improve your M&E processes
  Course agenda Online: Getting to know each other and sharing the M&E challenges participants face daily, deepening what M&E is and its purposes, assessing to what extent your organisation meets the information needs related to various M&E purposes.   Face-to-face training: Day 1:
  • Spheres of control, influence and concern of your programme results, reflecting on purposes of your organisation’s M&E system
  • Steps in developing a results-based M&E framework and analysing who needs what information
  • The five steps of M&E design; applied to your organisation/ programme
  • Clarifying the objectives (Results Chain or Theory of Change)
Day 2
  • Outcome mapping and progress markers.
  • Tool to monitor context
  • Analysis and improvement of your M&E processes
  • Organisational implications: an open discussion
Day 3:
  • Data and Information Collection methods and tools
  • Online Questionnaires and Forms
  • Interviews and Focus Group Discussion
  • Most Significant Change
Day 4:
  • Evaluation types and concepts
  • Evaluation criteria and evaluation process, writing a good Terms of Reference for an evaluation
  • Learning from Evaluations and preparing your own personal action plan
  • Course review, evaluation and closure
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€ 970
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June 11, 2019 to June 14, 2019