Capacity Development Providers List

Name of organization Type of Organization Display Name Email More info
ສົ່ງເສີມການສຶກສາເພີອພັດທະນາຊຸມຊົນ Foundation buasy-1994 More info
Rural Development Agency Social Enterprise Chanthalangsy More info
Land Information Working Group International Non-governmental Organization Co More info
Daovone Phonemanichane Consultant dvphone007 More info
Green community development association Non-profit Association hong.napha More info
Douang pachanh documentation services Private Sector Hopdafru More info
World Vision International in Lao PDR International Non-governmental Organization keo_chanthalangsy More info
participatory development training center Non-profit Association khamphoui More info
Cord International Non-governmental Organization krichardson More info
Community based organization Community Based Organization Kuelorsss More info
Research and Evaluation for Development (RE4D) Social Enterprise kurupick More info
Financial department Private Sector Lattana1965tk More info
Sustainable Development Association or Samakhom Houam Jai Phatthana in Luang Prabang (SDA_LPB) Non-profit Association lpb_sda.association More info
French Red Cross Non-profit Association lro-lao.frc More info
Namjai Community Association Non-profit Association m.pholsena More info
Soap4Life Non-profit Association mac More info
United Edge Social Enterprise Matt Kletzing More info
Civil Society Academy International Non-governmental Organization monireth More info
social aid development foundation Foundation petkeopanya More info
Phaengphan Social Enterprise phaengthegig More info