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French Red Cross

Type Of Organization
Non-profit Association

Setthathirath Road, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR
P.O Box 5865, Vientiane, Laos | Office Telephone/Fax: +856 (21) 24 10 42
Mobile: +856 (20) 22 20 67 45 Skype: lro-lao.frc
Sky Address: lro-lao.frc14

Extra Informations

FRC is a non-profit organisation working for helping victims from natural disaster and man-made and vulnerable people in every context

Contact Person
Deng Sengaloun
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Capacity development expertise (organizational development)
M & E, Project Cycle Management, Communication, HR Management, Administration
Capacity development expertise (programmatic content)
Climate Change, Agriculture
Type of capacity development Expertise
Coaching & Mentoring, Collaboration or joint activities, Exchange visit