Lao Culture Fund call for applications open

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Lao Culture Fund call for applications open
What is the Lao Culture Fund?
On October 16 2008, The Swiss Confederation ratified the UNESCO 2003 convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and the UNESCO 2005 convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions; The Lao Culture Challenge Fund (LCCF) was set up in January 2014 in order to protect and promote various expressions of Lao culture. Following the implementation of 3 successful cycles of the LCCF, SDC launched the Lao Culture Fund (LCF) in 2019 to further develop and strengthen cultural networks and emerging platforms, while targeting support for larger initiatives in terms of financial resources and scale of activities. By supporting organizations promoting cultural activities, SDC is hoping to enable them to increase their role in the Lao society as well as encourage the diversity of Lao cultural expressions, social cohesion and the development of civil society. SDC aims to support civil organizations promoting cultural activities based on the principle of “Lao culture by and for the Lao people” The LCF adopts a 2-pronged approach by providing financial grants as well as capacity building training for the awardee organizations.
Name of Organization
the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
August 30, 2019
Who Eligible

Who can apply for the LCF?

YOU CAN APPLY IF you meet the following criteria:

 You are an organization with a legal status, relying on a team and entitled to sign contracts.
Individuals cannot apply.
 You are from the private sector, including Lao non- profit associations (NPAs). Applications from
public/governmental organizations will not be accepted.
 Based in Lao PDR and with its core activities related to culture and creative industries –
especially but not only: visual and performing arts, crafts, literature and press, audio-visual & interactive
media, design & creative services, etc….
 With a track record of projects carried out successfully.
 With a proven capacity to access other sources of funding.
 Focus on outreach activities: although activities for conservation or production of cultural goods
can be part of the proposal submitted to the fund, the proposal must focus on diffusion and outreach, i.e.
how the cultural product (film, exhibition, event, etc.) will reach its audience, in particular in Laos.
 The project mainly targets a Lao audience.
 Is in the process of establishing or already have in place a strong financial/accounting system that
can be audited by a local professional auditing company.

Eligible Activities

SDC aims to support civil organizations promoting cultural activities based on the principle of “Lao
culture by and for the Lao people”

Available Funding

Financial grants

 Applying organizations can apply for grants for a minimum of 60,000 USD and maximum 80,000
USD per project. The applying organization is expected to look for additional funding sources as SDC will
cover a maximum 50% of the overall project costs. In kind contributions will not be accepted as funding
 Only one application per organization will be accepted. Organizations submitting projects in
partnership with other organizations can submit more than one proposal with different partners.
 Organizations can only apply once to the LCF for a project with a maximum duration of 18
 No type of costs shall be excluded, except large infrastructure costs.

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