Call for proposal for workshop for ACSC/APF2016

Call for Proposal

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Call for proposal for workshop for ACSC/APF2016
The ACSC/ASEAN Peoples Forum 2016 is pleased to invite proposals for workshop sessions, roundtables, speakers, exhibitions, posters and other, more experimental/creative forms of organising thematic discussions for its 2016 Forum  Aim of the thematic workshop sessions
  1. To strengthen regional solidarity and partnership among grassroots, national and regional civil society organisations and movements;
  2. To advocate for greater participation and engagement between civil society and ASEAN leadership so as to strengthen peoples’ strategies and actions.
Details of the workshop sessions are as follows:
  1. Time frame for each session is 2 hours
  2. There are 36 available slots for workshop
  3. The theme of the workshop should be inline with the ACSC/APF2016 Theme “ Expanding Peoples’ Solidarity for a Just and Inclusive ASEAN Community” and falls into one of the thematic issues as follows:
  1. Human Rights issues (women empowering, child rights, Land and Housing Rights, LGBTIQ, Human Rights defenders in ASEAN and the world)
  2. Issue on economic, trade and consumerism (International trade agreement, ASEAN trade Agreement Policy, etc)
  3. Peace Building and State Building in ASEAN context (Security issue, etc)
  4. Environmental and natural resources
  5. Regional maritime security (sea issues)
  6. Education development and chalengges in ASEAN context
  7. Youth development
Issue on democracy and election (law enforcement and rigths of indigineous people, etc)
Name of Organization
June 25, 2017
Community Development, Education, Human Resources Development, Social Development
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ACSC/APF Programme Committee