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Information of the organizer
Name of Organization: TACDO Consulting Center
Type of Organization: Consultant or individual
Contact Person: Ms. Vilaylak Boulom
Email Address:,
Telephone: 02055824448
Information about the capacity development opportunity
Topic of CD to provide (Organizational Development):
Title: The Successful Management of new age personnel
Type of CD opportunity: Training
Period: 30/10/2017 to 01/11/2017
Province: Vientiane Municipality
Venue: Registration for training and asking more information from TACDO team : 021 485108, 020 55824448, (Vilaylak), 030 5207121, (Aey),
Course detail:

Invite you to attend training courses:

"The Successful Management of new age personnel" “Code 5003”

From: 30 Oct – 01 Nov 2017, (3 Days)

At: Conference room of TACDO Consulting Center


The administration of human resource can speak as critical keys in developing the enterprise progress, this course is intended holding for managers at all levels to understand the tools of administration of human resource, the key principles of administration of all departments of HR Manager should know that the role of the human resource is not duty  of HR Department alone, But the new age administration in all departments should participate actively in the personnel management and understanding of the principles of HR to work efficiently with the HR and talk in the same language. Because in HR works itself has developed, changed the ways all the time.

Contents of course

 The importance of managing human resources that the manager of

each department must know is as following:

  • Policy on human resources
  • Principles of tasks analysis
  • The application process and interview effectively.
  • The need to develop human resources
  • Techniques in management of human resources.
  • Health care and safety on working of employees
  • Techniques to create happiness in the workplace and being a consultant to the staff.
  • Appraisal results and performance appraisal.

Date and Time:

From : 30 Oct – 01 Nov 2017 (3 days),

​At: the conference room of TACDO Consulting Center, Donpamai Village, Km 4(at the back of Russian Embassy), Vientiane Capital.

 During the training you will have opportunity to share experiences and gain new knowledge from both team of Lao - Thai trainers ...

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