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Information of the organizer
Name of Organization: TACDO Consulting Center
Type of Organization: Consultant or individual
Contact Person: Ms. Vilaylak Boulom
Email Address:,
Telephone: 02055824448
Information about the capacity development opportunity
Topic of CD to provide (Organizational Development):
Title: Presentation Techniques
Type of CD opportunity: Training
Period: 13/10/2017 to 15/10/2017
Province: Vientiane Municipality
Venue: ລົງທະບຽນ ແລະ ສອບຖາມກັບທີມງານ: ສູນແທັກໂດ, 020 55824448, (ນ. ວິໄລລັກ), 030 5207121, (ນ. ສຸພັດຕາ),
Course detail:


ເທັກ​ນິກ​ການ​ນຳ​ສະເໜີ  ແບບມືອາຊີບ

“Presentation Techniques”   “Code 5015”

ວັນທີ: 13 - 15 /10/2017

Cost (if any):
Criteria of Participants (target groups):
Expected outcome:
Attachement: Click here to download

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