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Information of the organizer
Name of Organization: TACDO Consulting Center
Type of Organization: Consultant or individual
Contact Person: Ms. Vilaylak Boulom
Email Address:,
Telephone: 02055824448
Information about the capacity development opportunity
Topic of CD to provide (Organizational Development):
Title: How to be a good leader and manager
Type of CD opportunity: Training
Period: 23/10/2017 to 27/10/2017
Province: Vientiane Municipality
Venue: Registration for training and asking more information from TACDO team : 021 485108, 020 55824448, (Vilaylak), 030 5207121, (Aey),
Course detail:

Training Course On:

“How to be a good leader and manager” “Code 5009”

23-27 October 2017, 5days


A strong leading and effective management skill of the manager is very important for the organization to succeed, as there were many developing organizations in Laos in the past could not meet the objectives plans and vision of its donor one of that factors is lack of skillful management.   Leader and Manager are regarded as a ship captain in the big empty ocean. The unskilled and inappropriate manager would lead to the failure of that organization. This training emphasizes on the techniques to envision personal attitude and behavior, personal development plan, staff management, problems solving and effective work delegating.

Objective of this training

  • To make participants able to manage their team work more effectively
  • To provide participants some new guidelines, ideas of managing techniques and make participants more confident to make right decision
  • To teach participants to create good working environment and get good result
  • To provide participants to exchange ideas and lessons from the real management experience from the other participants and trainers

Target Participants

The “How to be an effective manager” seminar is designed for the following participants:

1.      Project / programme director, programme manager

  1. Office administrator, manager and any Officer that has subordinates

Content of the Course

  1. What leadership style do you have
  2. What criteria for being a good boss
  3. How to plan your work
  4. How to delegate and assign work effectively
  5. How to teach your staffs who have different characteristics
  6. How to build and manage team work
  7. How to be a boss that has good human relationship
  8. How to make a good decision, and solve the problems
  9. How to evaluate your staffs’ performance
  10. Time Management


23 – 27 October 2017, 5days in Vientiane Capital. The course runs for 5 days. Registration will take place at the TACDO training room on the first day of the course, on the concluding day of the course, the participants will be awarded certificate of attendance.

Cost (if any):
Criteria of Participants (target groups):
Expected outcome:
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